Experiential Learning Centre

Extending learning through Community Outreach

visitors to our forest are able to experience multiple forest landscapes consisting of restored Natural Forest…

Portal Forest creates tailor-made Experiential Learning experiences based on our sustainably managed modules developed over the years since the year 2000.

A wide variety of forest experiences are tailored to fit the needs of individuals, groups, and communities. Courses extend to all parties interested in learning about sustainable forestry and all aspects of our private forest management module. We have established an ongoing collaboration with the Forestry Commission, IUCN, and various environmental NGOs such as the Centre for Climate Change, Legon, A-r0cha Ghana. 

So far, the Learning Centre has received several groups from all over Ghana and beyond. We share our values, successes and challenges to encourage potential foresters and agriculturalists on their journey. Our programs also include mentor-ship, Internship and guidance for Agro-forestry entrepreneurs starting up. 


Model REDD+ Pilot

207 Acres

Bedum, Anyan-Brehman, Central Region.
Land mass: 0.83 km
Geo Coordinates: 5º 32′ 0″ North, 1º 1′ 0″

central region ghana