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full-fledged Sustainably Managed Forest Estate

Portal manages a sustainable Forest consisting of multiple Forest landscapes such as fast-growing Plantations, Agro-Forestry, Nature/Wild Life Conservation, and Experiential Learning Centre.

Through our on-going efforts to maintain a holistic approach to forest landscape restoration, visitors to our forest are able to experience multiple forest landscapes consisting of restored Natural Forest, Agro-Forestry, Herbs, Spices, Aromatic Plants Essential Oils, Heliconias for Cut Flower production, as well as fast growing Cederella Plantation, Bamboo Groves and Forest Streams to name but a few.

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This rich diversity provides a habitat for several species of forest animals such as Bush Bucks, Royal Antelope, Duiker, Box Monitor Lizard, African python, Monitor Lizard, countless species of Birds and Butterflies including three (3) different species of Monkey to name but a few. Within the 210acre forest model is 100-acres of restored indigenous forest in which over 30 of the most endangered tree species have been replanted to serve as a source of Mother Tree Conservation and a source of seedlings for replicating the model at other locations. Various Eco-trails for practically experiencing the wonder and majesty of endangered almost extinct trees such as Odum, (Iroko) Hydua, Asanfina, Makore, Niangon, Edinam, Walnut, Emire and Wawa to name but a few have been built into the conserved natural forest. Portal is currently transitioning from the conservation and Forest Development Stage to a full-fledged Sustainably Managed Forest Estate with revenue streams built around 7 main business.

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the forest

The Forest, when Sustainably Managed becomes in effect a Green Supermarket with new products consistently springing up from nature’s bounty…

Location and Size

Model REDD+ Pilot

207 Acres

Bedum, Anyan-Brehman, Central Region.
Land mass: 0.83 km
Geo Coordinates: 5º 32′ 0″ North, 1º 1′ 0″

central region ghana

The Forest,
A green Supermarket

– The Forest in effect then becomes a Green Supermarket with new products consistently springing up from nature’s bounty, it becomes a holistically managed and sustained Estate capable of creating wealth in perpetuity.
– 8 business and revenue streams have been mapped out and tested over the last 19 years.
– 6 of these are have passed the development stage and are on the verge of being scaled up to full commercial operation.
– 2 remain in the development stage the 8 businesses are listed below, for the sake of brevity we will elaborate on five of them.

The Estate includes:
1. Plantation Development & Wood Processing
2. Forest Habitat and Species Conservation/ Production of Seedlings and Cut Flowers
3. Essential oils, & Natural Beauty Products Production/Plant Botanical Extraction
4. Bamboo Processing
5. Experiential Learning
6. Eco Tourism
7. Duck & Fish Farming
8. Mini Hydro Energy Generation